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BIG FUN IS SERIOUS BUSINESS. Influenced and inspired by international art and architecture and creativity, as well as a passion for fascination and flavor, we bring our clients unique vision, personality, desire and dreams to a spectacular reality.

Corporate Planning Packages

Basic Planning Package
Build Your Own Package
Choose which services you want and nix the ones you don't. Perfect for those who have already booked several vendors, but want help bringing it all together.
Corporate Event Planner + Basic Planning Service + One Assistant
Popular Planning Package
Pinterest Worthy
Creative design and logistical planning all in one. From the moment we are hired until the last guest leaves, we are dedicated to creating a handcrafted corporate event that is authentically you.
Corporate Event Planner + Partial Planning Service + Small Crew
Advanced Planning Package
Stress Less. Enjoy More.
Vivid imagination meets fierce organization. This package includes full-scale corporate event design, vendor dream team recruitment and corporate event coordination.
Corporate Event Planner + Full Planning Service + Larger Crew