• Just getting started or are you overwhelmed mid way through your own planning process?
  • Have no idea where to get married , when, where and how to start your planning process?
  • Are you looking for what style or look to create at your wedding or Event ?

At Aroona Event we believe event planning and wedding planning should be a fun and creative process. We focus on listening to your ideas to perfect down the finest details and bringing them to reality. Let’s share a meeting over A Cup of coffee or A Glass of wine, as inspiration comes to those who relax and enjoy the moment.

Our work pattern is a little different from the regular. To our satisfaction we like to deliver more than whats been expected, paid or not. We have some set rules to of how an event should be presented, We try incorporating every request mentioned during our initial consultation with the client, we personally go over every details several times during the execution and productions process.

We carefully listen to your vision of your event, we conduct a research and perfect down the details, we then pull together the perfect team to work in all the gathered details. We help with the selection of the perfect service that suits your requirements. Whether it is, A day of Coordination, Week of Coordination or Month of Coordination, Full Planning service or Partial planning service, Decoration Services, rental services Or just even a design plan to execute your own event.

Aroona events will help make your decision process as less strenuous as possible for you. Our Proposals are completely custom designed to suit your individual needs.