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We carefully listen to your vision of your event, we conduct a research and perfect down the details, we then pull together the perfect team to work in all the gathered details. We help with the selection of the perfect service that suits your requirements. Whether it is, A Day of Coordination, Week of Coordination or Month of Coordination, Full Planning service or Partial planning service, Decoration Services, rental services or just even a design plan to execute your own event.


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Our Future Planning for More Event Venues

Aroona Events is an event and wedding planner company that plans and organizes events and weddings for all kinds of occasions right in the heart of Bloomington, Minnesota. In the future,  Aroona Events will start an event venue by the name “Ayinaa by Aroona Events”. This event venue is capable of organizing multiple events such as Wedding parties, Birthday parties, Bachelorette parties, Corporate events, and Office events. We aim to solve the modern-day problem of clients by providing them with a beautiful and event-oriented arrangement of facilities and decorations with the best management services at reasonable prices.ur detail or leave blank

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